It is estimated that Brazil produces 170 thousand tons of scraps per year. We need to rethink the fate of these materials and reduce our environmental impact. G.Vallone has a partnership with the community Casa Esperança e Vida (CCEV) that works with chemical dependents aiming at the production of parts with these pieces. The project aims at the social reintegration of dependents, income generation for the maintenance of CCEV and the use of recyclable materials, benefiting the environment. Are we going to change this scenario? For more information contact us and find out how to help!

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Reverse Logistics is the management and distribution of materials that would previously be discarded in the landfill, and today makes it possible for them to return to the production cycle. Adding economic, social and ecological value.

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G.Vallone delivers your orders and, taking advantage of our transportation, we bring back your items, previously separated, which we take responsibility for forwarding them to our social programs for textile reuse.

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To transport these materials, we will use fabric bags made by the Casa Esperança e Vida Community (CCEV).

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Today we are supporting and helping...


COLETIVO TRANS - @coletivotrans_sol
They teach trans and transvestite women through fashion, sewing, dolls and crafts. We provide patchwork and they teach women to train seamstresses creating pieces for sale. When fabrics are left over and they won't use them, they are separated and returned to G.Vallone, we send them to the factory and we make a new yarn.

Coletivo Trans Sol - Anda Direito

INSTITUTO ITI - @institutoiti
Non-governmental, non-profit organization that works as a convergence center for social development and cultural reference for the residents of Itabira. We provide halos and fabric scraps for them to carry out their programs aimed at education, environmental preservation, gender equality, poverty eradication, social and cultural development, income generation and quality of life.

Instituto ITI | Igualdade, Transformação & Inovação Social

If your brand is from São Paulo and you are interested in participating, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +55 (11) 3392-4979

 WhatsApp: + 55 (11) 99252-8848