The dyeing of all our fabrics is carried out responsibly, the dyes and auxiliary products we use in our production meet the requirements of the OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100 certification (for more information https://loja.gvallone.com.br/us/certificates/), which attests to the absence of harmful substances to human beings and the environment.

What does STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® mean? | Siser


We do Dyeing with Natural Dyes on all our fabrics but only on request. Get in touch via WhatsApp:

*From 300 m per color

 +55 (11) 99252-8848, +55 (11) 96182-4509


We have a selection of fabrics in Off White and Natural colors so you can dye in a natural way using less water, less energy and only organic substances contributing to the environment. (Link to the page with the selection of fabrics for Natural Dyeing https://loja.gvallone.com.br/us/p-tingimento-natural/)