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 Movimento Sou de Algodão registra 143% de crescimento de marcas parceiras  em 2020 - Site RG – Moda, Estilo, Festa, Beleza e mais MOVIMENTO SOU DE ALGODÃO

Sou de Algodão is a unique movement in Brazil that was born in 2016 to awaken a collective conscience around fashion and responsible consumption. For this, we unite with one voice all the agents of the productive chain and of the textile industry of this fiber, from the country man to the final consumer, passing through weavers, artisans, guarantors, fashion designers, stylists and students.

Brazil is the largest supplier of sustainable cotton in the world. And that means that the initiative contributes to an environmentally friendly, socially just and economically responsible product journey.


EU RECICLO - @seloeureciclo

blog eureciclo - A fonte de informação para empresas cada vez mais  sustentáveis

Eu Reciclo is a company that offers solutions for reverse packaging logistics, prioritizing concepts such as sustainability, transparency and inclusion. The seal was designed to solve two main issues: the final destination of packaging generated by companies and brands and the marginalization of agents in the recycling chain. From there, New Hope Ecotech, leader in the technology sector for solid waste management in Brazil, developed a platform capable of tracking and storing data on the recycling chain, thus creating the “eurecycle” seal.

When printed on packaging, the seal certifies that the company allocates resources to the recycling chain, through the environmental compensation of at least 22% of its packaging, as provided for in the National Solid Waste Policy.